Dish Introduces New Product To Enhance Online Streaming

Television providers are scrambling to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing media landscape. Known for its satellite TV, Dish faces the same fight as most of its fellow providers. In an era of Netflix, Hulu, and Firestick, companies have to get creative to stay relevant. Just a year after it lost a record number of subscribers, Dish is hoping a new product can re-invigorate its brand.

SlingStudio has been developed to aide multi-camera productions for internet broadcast. A recent move in the NBA may serve as the inspiration behind Dish’s new device. The newly popularized saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Kevin Durant did such, signing with the Golden State Warriors this summer, and Dish may be doing the same thing – joining the online streaming craze.

SlingStudio's New Addition to Dish
Dish Is Trying To Make It Easier For People To Stream Quality Video

The SlingStudio allows users to collect video on multiple smartphones and/or traditional cameras as they are being recorded. An additional iPad app will let you select which video and audio to use. For users with thousands of social media followers, this could be a worthy investment. This equipment is definitely not meant for single-camera users posting videos on Facebook Live, etc. Dish also hopes for parents who want to capture little league ball games from multiple angles and locations.

The only sticking point with the SlingStudio is the price. $999 does not make this device the most affordable product on the market. An extra wireless adapter will cost you an additional $349 as well. The SlingStudio’s three-hour battery pack is not cheap either, costing an extra $149.

With the high-pricing, it will be interesting to see if the SlingStudio becomes a hit. The network that recently unveiled Sling TV, hopes for even more revenue with its new product. If Dish can’t regain this generation of cord-cutters, it might as well join them and cater to their needs.

Tips For Better Physical Intimacy In Relationships

Physical intimacy in relationships is important. Whether you’re married or in a committed relationship, the physical side to any partnership is vital. Verbal affection is also important, but most people feel that the physical connection is much more difficult to establish in the first months of any courtship rather than the latter. If you’re in need of a few tips to enhance the physical intimacy in your life, you’ve come to the right place! Here are four tips to remember next time you’re alone with your partner.

The Importance Of Physical Intimacy
The Importance Of Physical Intimacy

Take it slow

Pardon the pun, but physical touching can be a touchy subject for many people. Some aren’t as comfortable with physical contact as others may be. Always be cognizant of your partner’s boundaries when it comes to getting busy. In a lot of cases, taking it slower can be a wonderful thing, not just on an emotional level, but on a physical level as well.

Don’t be Forceful

This tip ties into the previous one. Knowing boundaries will make your lover feel comfortable, and help establish ground rules. Hugging and kissing won’t always lead to something more. Once again, try to master his or her body language to gauge their physical wants and needs. Forcing any kind of physical touching is not recommended at all.

The little things

For a lot of guys, sex is the ultimate goal. And, in some cases, sex may be the only goal. You must understand that the same is not true with all females. Sometimes, a big hug can mean the world to your partner. A good hug or kiss at a meaningful moment, may leave a larger impression than any steamy session in the bedroom.

Channel your inner-Romeo

Remember when we told you to take it slow and work out the kinks with your partner physically? Well, there are things you can do to help them deal with any uneasiness associated with touching. Start participating in some sort of fun physical activities – going on walks, watching movies together, or riding a rollercoaster. Try to do anything you can do to sooth their physical hesitancy.

Does Kayaking Keep you Fit?

Most people think the only real workout you can get is in the gym. Well, this couldn’t be any further from the truth! There are so many ways to get a good workout in the beautiful outdoors! Kayaking is just one of many activities that you can do outside that’s actually a full body workout. Does Kayaking keep you fit? The answer is yes! Even if you hit the water for an hour kayaking, you would be getting a better workout than anything you could do in the gym. You’re using all the major muscle groups that most forget while they’re in the gym.

The Health And Fitness Benefits Of Kayaking
Kayaking Can Keep You Fit

The first area of your body that will be impacted is your back. Just think about it – you are doing single arms rows over and over again. If you did motions like this non-stop in the gym for hours, your peers would certainly be impressed with your strength and stamina. In addition to your back, you will see improvement in the power of your shoulders. The direct impact on one’s shoulders is what makes kayaking such a good workout.

So, we’ve covered the back and shoulders – now it’s time for the real beauties. Your arms and abs will get you noticed after kayaking. Biceps and triceps see heavy movement during this activity. As the biceps and triceps work, your forearms engage in their own grueling workout. As usual, your core is responsible for the majority of your workout and the results will prove that. This stems from your heavy and constricting grip on the paddle. Think of this motion as a continual and strenuous pullup in the gym.

While kayaking continues to be a spiritual journey and relieving practice, your body may see an even bigger impact. With consistent trips to the river or ocean, you may get in the best shape of your life! Mental health along with physical health is quickly putting kayaking on the map as a premier workout experience.

Tips On Buying A Lightweight Backpack For Traveling

Choosing the right backpack may seem simple, but when it comes to picking the right bag that you’ll be carrying around with you all over the world, that’s a whole new story! If your choice is too big, you’ll be carrying around too much added weight. If it’s too small, you’ll end up leaving things behind because you’ll have no room for them in your tiny backpack. It’s important to do your research when choosing a lightweight backpack for travel. There are so many brands and different varieties available, so it’s vital you know your options.

Choosing The Right Backpack For Traveling
Choosing The Right Backpack For Traveling

Good backups have many valuable qualities that a hard worker or adventurer can appreciate. Shoulder straps with padding can prove to be very important. It is a simple thing that many people may not notice – until they don’t have any padding left. If you are planning to hike for a couple days and are lugging a backpack with no padding up a mountain, you may want to drop your pack altogether. Make sure to invest in padded straps, especially if you are planning a long excursion.

Having multiple compartments inside your backpack is also useful for a hiker. If you need to bring tools, food, water, and maps, then you need several places to keep them safe and organized. Easy access to any of these items, is an absolute necessity. Zippers that work and remain reliable will prove invaluable throughout years of travel and adventure as well. Lastly, make sure you have as much padding as possible! Shoulder straps should not be the only comfort your back provides. Be sure to invest in padded hip belts and backs in addition to the shoulder straps.

Whether the backpack is big or small, the avid traveler must do his/her research before investing. A quality backpack can cost you up to a couple hundred dollars, so make sure to try on several before making a big purchase. There is an abundance of good backpacks on the market, so it is not difficult to find something suitable for every need.

How To Choose A Residential Locksmith

We’ve all been that person that locks their keys in their car, or even loses them all together! Unfortunately, it’s just a part of life, and it happens to the very best of us. The good news is, there’s always a locksmith just a call away. However, there are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a residential locksmith, how will you know who you can not only trust, but rely on? Don’t worry! We have all the info you’ll need when choosing a residential locksmith.

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Residential Locksmith
Why You Should Consider Hiring A Residential Locksmith

Apartment tenants could be in luck when signing a lease. Many apartment complexes feature an on-call maintenance staff, which fill the locksmith vacancy. For those not lucky enough to live with that safety net, there are many things you need to know before locating a quality locksmith.

When researching locksmiths, make sure they are very close to your home. Nobody wants to lock themselves out of their car or home and have to wait in the freezing cold for an hour. After finding their location, check out all the services they provide. Many locksmiths can promise a variety of services, but can they perform at a high level in every situation? A proven track record may be the best way to evaluate these potential locksmiths. If the locksmith is not certified, he/she should not be considered.

Lastly, price is always important regardless of the service or product. If a locksmith quotes you a price, only to jack it up after the task is completed, then look elsewhere. Their number one priority should be helping you in a jam, not making money off inflated rates.

There are many services a good locksmith can provide, making the hiring of one a near necessity. If you are looking to save money and go with a cheap, unproven product, chances are, lackluster service will be provided. Do the research, make a smart hire and in all likelihood, you will not regret it when you’re locked out of your house or car on a winter evening!

A Guide To The Best Baby Gates On The Market

As a parent, you worry about anything and everything that could potentially hurt your baby. When you think of a baby gate, you want only the best. With so many options to choose from, how do you know you’re not only getting the best quality, but the most safe and reliable as well? A baby gate is basically the first line of defense for making sure your children stay safe and sound. Check out our guide to the best baby gates!

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Baby Gate
The Importance Of Choosing The Right Baby Gate

Blocking off any area that could potentially hurt your baby is the first step. Of course, this includes stairs. A fall down any flight of stairs can result in terrible injuries. Always have a gate blocking any stairs in your home, especially wooded ones. Once you get past the basics of guarding the rooms, it’s time to look for the gate that best suits your home.

One of the most secure options is the hardware-mounted gate. These gates are meant to be placed in the areas of utmost importance (in front of the stairs,etc). If you have a family dog, this gate may be your best bet. These are not easy to remove for dogs of all sizes. The only con may be the time it takes to assemble and disassemble these gates.

If the installation of the gate may become a sticking point, there are easier options available. A pressure-mounted gate is a realistic backup plan to have in mind. And, the best part is – it doesn’t sacrifice your baby’s safety. The only drawback may be the possibility of larger dogs being able to dislodge it. But, if you don’t own a pet, these gates come highly recommended.

There are other options available on the market besides the two gates mentioned above. Step-over gates are a good option, but they can become a pain to constantly dodge in a home. Nonetheless, the safety of your baby is the ultimate goal when looking for a baby gate.

How To Learn To Play Songs On The Guitar

Learning to play guitar is different for everyone. Some do it just to learn a cool new hobby. Others do it to impress friends and family. And of course, some learn to play guitar to master it and learn new songs each and every day. Whatever your reason for learning guitar may be, you should go into it with a fresh mindset and be prepared for some serious “practice makes perfect” mentality. Here’s how to learn to play songs on the guitar:

What To Know About Learning To Play Guitar
What To Know About Learning To Play Guitar

Before attempting to shred to your favorite Metallica songs, students must possess a basic understanding of the instrument and music itself. This does not mean that all inexperienced players need to practice an endless amount of scales, it merely suggests knowing the instrument and how it works. Having a background of playing a different instrument, such as the piano, could prove to be invaluable when it comes time to learn the guitar.

Here are a few basic guitar terms to know:

Chords: Combining notes from scales.

Arpeggios: Special playing technique with chords.

For more terms, click here.

Once the technical aspect has been mastered, the real fun can begin. A lot of famous guitarists let their creativity flow based off their initial knowledge of the guitar. This is where musicians create their own unique sound and playing style. Many artists, such as Green Day, use very similar cords on nearly every song, but their implementation of a unique style and playing speed, gives them a unique and identifiable guitar sound.

It’s important to not get stuck using the same technique and chords over and over again. This can stifle creativity and limit your audience. Experimentation is the name of the game once you possess a basic understanding of the instrument. While self-teaching may not be for everyone, qualified guitar instructors are available for hire across the country. The best way to learn is to take notes from the professionals. Learn the basics, then let the creativity flow through your music.

How To Use The Internet For Garden Design

Creating your own garden design can be a big project. You may have so many great ideas in your head, but when it comes down to actually being able to put those ideas into motion, you lose your creativity all together. There are a bunch of free software programs available online to look through when researching your masterpiece, all you need to know is how to use the internet for garden design.

Utilizing The Internet For Inspiring Garden Design Ideas
Create Your Own Garden Design

Even if you don’t have a specific idea, there are websites designed to help you through this process. The better homes and gardens website is a top name for users. There, you can scroll through garden ideas that would best suit your home and neighborhood. Additionally, this site can help you with almost any other project you may want to start. From DIY projects to garden themes, this site is an excellent starting point.

If you need something a little more interactive, you are still in luck. There are many sites available to help you literally build a garden on your screen. The possibilities are endless on these helpful sites. Whether you want to change plant species or colors, there is a webpage designed just for you.

The same goes for your deck. Sometimes, homeowners stress about how to use their deck space properly. Some sites will help you design your specific deck with all the desirables. If you’d like, you can even start the design process with the items that currently occupy your deck. What can you put around your grill and table? Many websites offer the answer to this very question.

We already know that you run to google for your every need these days. Any time you have a basic question about life, this search engine is by your side. Why can’t the same be true when you look to design a garden? Thanks to the internet, you won’t have to wonder about that ever again. Be sure to do extensive research (because now you can!) before you jump into your next big garden project.

What Experts Say About Choosing The Best Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are often over looked and aren’t thought of as something that could greatly benefit your health, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you have agonizing pain constantly or an extreme amount of stress (body and mind), an inversion table could change your way of life as you know it. Throughout this article, we’ll discover what experts say about choosing the best inversion tables. Get ready to have your life changed for the better!

Benefits To Using An Inversion Table
What To Know About Inversion Tables

First, what is an inversion table? An inversion table is a tool used to help relax your muscles. The table eliminates the pull of gravity, which minimizes pressure on your spine. It is the perfect remedy for people suffering from back pain. If you are someone known for their poor posture, an inversion table can serve as a remedy for this issue as well. Think of this table as the all-natural cure to your body’s problems.

When looking to buy one of these tables, you must know a few basics before purchasing. Always make sure that the table is safe and durable. And, you must know that not all inversion tables are the same, which can be a good thing. These fitness tools can adjust to fit your very own personal preferences. There are plenty of tables available on the market that suit not only your body’s needs, but your home’s configuration as well.

So, how do you know that these inversion tables will work for you? Well, there are actually scientific studies that have been performed to determine its effects. A 2007 study performed at the Newcastle Hospital, showed that regular use of the tables resulted in less back pain for individuals. Even better, this study also stated that people using these tables are about seventy percent less likely to have to undergo back surgery at some point in their lives.

The benefits of an inversion table are endless, and supported by scientific studies. So, what is not to love? These tables usually start around $150, and with all the health benefits they provide, it’s a worthy investment.

Different Types Of Train Tables One Can Buy

Train tables are nothing new, but seem to be making a comeback recently. We’ve all played with them at some point either owning one, or seeing an older version of one at grandma’s house. Train tables are great for keeping children of all ages entertained for hours. Also, playing with toy trains is a much better option than having our children sit in front of the television or stare aimlessly into the video game they’re playing. Let’s review the different types of train tables one can buy:

All Different Ways You Can Use A Train Table
Different Types Of Train Tables For Your Child

Drawing Table

These types of tables are very popular in waiting rooms. Children and parents can definitely agree on this specific option because of the mental stimulation that a drawing table can generate. These types of tables offer many options. They serve as a full-service craft shop, offering drawing activities as well as action figure play. The possibilities are endless with a drawing table.

Sand Table

This table is exactly what you expect – essentially serving as a portable, indoor sandbox. The biggest benefit for parents is the extensive time your child will spend playing at this table. There are ways to limit possible messes that result from playing in this area. Make sure to buy clean sand at the store and set this table up in a room that is easy to tidy up.

Bead Table

These “rollercoaster” style table continue to be popular with the younger generation. As mentioned before, if you are looking for a time-consuming activity with your child, look no further than the bead table. This table has been around for ages, but continues to evolve and improve. Nowadays, these tables come with extra loops for your child to enjoy! The Anatex Jungle Rollercoaster table remains a top name on the market.

Instead of getting your child an ipad or video game console, train tables are still a worthy investment. Any of these three types of tables can be enjoyed by the youngest generation looking for fun!