Laugh Like A Kid With These Movies

We all need a good laugh from time to time. We may get to do this with our friends and family and also from funny movies! Here are movies that would allow you to be able to laugh like a kid!

Ghost Busters

This film is considered to be one of the classics when it comes to comedy films. In fact, the American Film Institute placed it in 28th in the list of 100 best comedy flicks of all time.

It stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis as parapsychology professors who created their own ghost-removal business.

With that story alone, there is no doubt that this film is hilarious to the point of hurting your stomach. Because the film involves ghosts, it was able to deliver with great special effects and top that off with bellyaching one-liners from the one and only Bill Murray then you know that it is a one great comedy film.

Monsters, Inc.

 This award winning movie has numerous awards under its belt including Best Animated Feature from the Oscars. It features the voices of John Goodman, Billy Crystal and Steve Buscemi.

This 2001 film from Pixar is about the story of a child, named Boo, who is a “threat” to the monster town of Monstropolis and with this, her two unexpected  and unlikely monster-guardians should return her to the human world before somebody else finds her and takes advantage of her.

As scary as the synopsis may sound, this movie is actually very funny and inspiring to watch. If you know of kids who are scared of the monsters under their bed or their closet, then it is a good idea to have them watch this. As for you, we promise that you will laugh like crazy. You may even laugh harder than the kids!


This Pixar film went home with the Best Animated Feature award at the 2007 Academy Awards. The award winning Ratatouille is about the story of a rat named Remy who wants to be a brilliant chef so bad. However, no person in the human world wants a rat in their kitchen and this is where the hilarious story begins.  Not only is the story amazing in the film but also the animation such as scenes with the Paris background. The film was a hit to all movie-goers from all around the world because of the original and very funny storyline.

The Parent Trap

This film is a mix of comedy and romance in one. It was a very popular movie from the year 1998. It is actually a remake of the Academy Award-nominated 1961 film which is of the same title.

In the latest version, Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson are divorced couples who separated their twins, played by Lohan, and made them live on the opposite sides of the country. Coincidentally, the twins were sent to a same camp and when they realized that they were sisters, they made a plan to get their parents back together.

It was Lohan’s feature film and it will surely make you laugh your pants off.

Kung Fu Panda

Featuring voices from none other than Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Seth Rogan, this animated comedy martial arts movie is perfect for the family to watch on a bonding night. It is a story about the fat and clumsy Po the Panda who has dreams of being the best in kung fu.

Witness his journey to fulfilling that dream while you laugh and awe at his misadventures and triumphs. This will not only leave you laughing but also inspired to follow your dreams and always believe in yourself no matter what other people say about you.

These are just some of the very many movies that will surely make you laugh and relieve you from the stress that you are under. Of course, it would be better to enjoy movies like these with your family and friends. This is a very goof bonding moment for all of you. You can even make this a weekly thing so you can have a get together with your loved ones and catch up on what is the latest on everyone’s life.