Technology trends with a humorous twist!

Netflix Makes Recommendations Based On Moods

Do you ever wonder why Netflix keeps shoving ‘Sandy Wexler’ down your throat? If I just watched ‘Superbad’ why exactly would I want to binge on ’13 Reasons Why’ next? Believe it or not, Netflix does have a method to its recommendation madness. And it doesn’t simply...

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Commercial Travel At Supersonic Speeds

Supersonic airplanes are not a new concept. In fact, supersonic flight has existed for about 70 years, but innovators are making groundbreaking advancements to create a cheaper, faster, and easier method of travel for commercial flights. For example, Tom Johnson, an...

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Technology In Your Bed? Don’t Sleep On It

In case you didn’t know, REM is more than just your favorite 1980’s alternative rock band. Rapid Eye Movement is a vital part of everyone’s sleep. And for those who struggle to find a restful night’s sleep; fear no more, because it’s the end of the world as you know...

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