A Popular Facebook Status Could Pose Security Threat

by | May 4, 2017 | Social Media |

If you have been on Facebook lately, you’ve probably seen a bunch of similar statuses. The ’10 concerts’ post is a growing fad across the social media goliath. The premise is simple: a user will list nine concerts that they have attended and one that is simply untrue. Friends will then guess which concert the user did not attend. It seems harmless at first, but this popular game may pose a serious cyber security threat.

Facebook has been the main source of many fads in the past few years. The running man challenge, mannequin challenge, and the ice bucket challenge have all gone viral recently. All these trends have stirred positive reaction and social awareness. Unfortunately, the ’10 concerts’ does not fall into that same category.

The trick is very simple for cyber hackers. A user’s first concert is usually unveiled in the comments. This concert can be a crucial piece of your social security though. By finding out the first concert one has gone to, hackers now possess the answer to a rather routine security question.  Common security checks ahead of password recovery include questions regarding your mother’s maiden name, your first pet, and you guessed it; first concert attended.

Similar worry has been associated with games and quizzes scattered across social media. Many people will expose critical security information in these mindless puzzles. It is very possible that some games are set up by hackers themselves in an attempt to obtain personal material.

Popular Social Media Fads Could Be Putting You At Risk Of Being Scammed

Online Hackers Could Be Going After Your Social Media Accounts

Online Hackers Could Be Going After Your Social Media Accounts

The good news is that there are ways to protect yourself against these hack attempts. Cyber experts recommend using odd answers to your security questions. The user just has to make sure they remember these answers! If you write that your mother’s maiden name is “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” chances are you will retain this information, while leaving a hacker baffled.

Experts stress that users always need to be vigilant while online. Make sure to look out for scams that litter popular sites. Protecting yourself is the first step towards a safe social media experience.