Don’t you just wish the delivery man could let himself in when you’re not home? Probably not, right? Welp, thanks to Amazon Key, that scenario is now a possibility. The e-commerce company has announced plans to give Prime subscribers the option to do just that in the near future.

Amazon Key And Cloud Cam

This new product will let subscribers request in-home deliveries for a variety of products. But the real appeal of this feature is the ability to allow delivery people access to your vacant home. The Key works in conjunction with another new Amazon product called the Cloud Cam. This Cam acts as a home security camera, which allows users to view the delivery man approaching the door.

Amazon Key

The Amazon Key And Cloud Cam Could Change The Way You Receive Deliveries

The complete Amazon Key In-Home Kit costs a total of $250. The Kit comes with smart lock technology courtesy of Kwikset and Yale. This product will make a limited debut – starting with availability in 37 cities across the U.S. Amazon plans to launch the product on November 8th. The company hopes to break into and revolutionize yet another industry as Amazon continues its unprecedented takeover of any and all markets.

Amazon’s Home Insecurity

In a lot of ways, this sounds like a major convenience for busy people. Maybe an important package is scheduled to arrive while you’re on vacation. Well, now you are in luck with this new service. But there just may be a few civilians out there that are wary of some stranger entering their home when it is unoccupied. When given the choice of wet package soaked in the rain or stranger entering your home – some may choose the wet package. The prospects of getting a new toaster delivered, but having all your important personal items stolen just might not be that intriguing. Letting a stranger in your home can be a problem, while being home and answering the door is only a minor inconvenience.