The Benefits Of A Cubby House In The Backyard

In today’s world, it’s getting more difficult to keep our children’s focus on the important things life has to offer, rather than that video game they’re playing. For this reason, I’m here to tell you all about the benefits of a cubby house in the backyard. I’m not sure who’s more excited for the delivery, the kids or me!

The Benefits Of Having A Cubby House
Why Having A Cubby House In The Backyard Is Beneficial

What’s the one thing all kids have an abundance of (besides energy)? Imagination! Nothing brings out a child’s wonderful imagination quite like a good cubby house in the back yard. Over the course of time, that cubby house could become your son or daughter’s own personal airplane, dungeon, or rocket ship. While you may just see a wooden structure on a tree, your child will see his/her favorite place on earth.

You won’t just witness a spike in their imagination, their independence may develop as well. A child will likely love having their own little space. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but down the road, this is a big first step for youngsters as they grow up. A cubby house can help them develop good characteristics at an early age. In addition to the independent feeling, these kids will learn to take care of their own space. If only they’d take of cleaning their bedroom too, right parents?

Here is something that is becoming increasingly rare in 2017: kids playing outside. This is not an ipad or an Xbox, this is old fashion fun for children. They will finally be unplugged and enjoying the outdoors, like we did in our childhood. One more factor that makes a cubby house better than a device, is it builds social skills. Children will love to show off their new tree house to the other neighborhood kids.

Okay, we’ve listed off benefits for your children, but what about you? Parents that build a cubby house, will now get some alone time. While the kids play in the backyard, you will be able to connect with your partner inside the house. Building the cubby house in general, can be a great bonding experience for you and the children.

With some many positives, why hesitate – get out there and build a cubby house today!

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