Snapchat remains one of the most popular social media apps in the world, and now it has added a 3-dimensional option for your Bitmoji characters. Bitmojis are small cartoon avatars that can be customized to look almost exactly like you. The mini-me characters caught on in 2015, and Snapchat decided to purchase the company in 2016 before unveiling it on the app in March. Selfies have been the “in” way to communicate for years, but people must not like their actual mugs anymore because now, everyone wants to send their cartoon faces to people, as opposed to their actual faces. But for real, who doesn’t love cartoons?

Snapchat Selfies

Snapchat Has Revolutionized The Selfie

Bitmoji’s 3D Capability

Instead of simply placing an animated version of yourself onto your Snapchat like a sticker, you can now have your Bitmoji perform physical activities. By tapping on your screen, you can bring your Bitmoji to life and have it do things like ride a skateboard, drink coffee, or even do yoga, because let’s face it, your Bitmoji is probably in better shape than you anyways. Of course, this concept isn’t the first of its kind, as Snapchat’s hot dog lens became a worldwide phenomenon earlier this year. If a dancing hot dog can go viral, it’s hard to imagine how popular these 3D Bitmojis will become.

Snapchat’s World Lenses

Of course, this concept is a part of Snapchat’s extremely popular World Lenses feature. The average human being typically refers to these as filters, and when introduced on Snapchat, they became universally accepted by the social media community. Goofy voices, cute bunny ears, and just about any outside-the-box thing you can think of has been available at one point or another. It’s becoming clear that the world is beginning to migrate from traditional phone calls and text messages. Snapchat’s innovative way to communicate with others has started a trend that will only continue to advance as time goes on. Expect to see plenty of more fun tweaks and additions to Snapchat’s groundbreaking app in the future.