Ok, grill masters. We have a debate on our hands. Where does the cheese go on a cheeseburger? Is it supposed to be above or below the burger itself? Yes, this is a real debate that has taken over the Twittersphere the last couple days. Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter to create conversation about the difference between Apple and Google’s cheeseburger emojis.

First, Apple’s emoji displays the burger in the following order: bun, tomato, cheese, meat, lettuce, bun. On the other hand, Google presents its emoji as follows: bun, lettuce, tomato, meat, cheese, bun. Surprisingly, burger experts and connoisseurs have been weighing in like crazy.


Is the cheese supposed to go above or below the burger?

Experts Weigh-In

Some of the most famous burger makers in the world chimed in with their opinion of where the cheese should be placed on a cheeseburger. Burger King tweeted their slogan, along with a hashtag that read “cheese on top.” The world-famous Wendy’s Twitter handle had to get in on the action, but like only Wendy’s can, they tweeted, “Until it has square patties, it’s wrong.” Of course, that didn’t provide us with any insight on the whole cheese situation, but Shake Shack’s Culinary Director, Mark Rosati agreed with Apple, in the sense that the cheese should be placed above the burger; however, his burger views do not completely align with Apple’s emoji.

What About The Lettuce?

Rosati proceeded to explain that Apple has the lettuce located in the incorrect position. Apple has the lettuce located below the burger. Most people agree that the lettuce should be located above the burger, stating that it will brown if exposed to direct heat. Others claim that the lettuce is placed below the burger to prevent the bottom bun from becoming soggy.

In the end, it appears that both Google and Apple have incorrect portrayals of a cheeseburger; however, it should be mentioned that they both executed the tomato placement to perfection.