Dish Introduces New Product To Enhance Online Streaming

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Products |

Television providers are scrambling to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing media landscape. Known for its satellite TV, Dish faces the same fight as most of its fellow providers. In an era of Netflix, Hulu, and Firestick, companies have to get creative to stay relevant. Just a year after it lost a record number of subscribers, Dish is hoping a new product can re-invigorate its brand.

SlingStudio has been developed to aide multi-camera productions for internet broadcast. A recent move in the NBA may serve as the inspiration behind Dish’s new device. The newly popularized saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Kevin Durant did such, signing with the Golden State Warriors this summer, and Dish may be doing the same thing – joining the online streaming craze.

Dish Is Trying To Make It Easier For People To Stream Quality Video

Dish Is Trying To Make It Easier For People To Stream Quality Video

The SlingStudio allows users to collect video on multiple smartphones and/or traditional cameras as they are being recorded. An additional iPad app will let you select which video and audio to use. For users with thousands of social media followers, this could be a worthy investment. This equipment is definitely not meant for single-camera users posting videos on Facebook Live, etc. Dish also hopes for parents who want to capture little league ball games from multiple angles and locations.

The only sticking point with the SlingStudio is the price. $999 does not make this device the most affordable product on the market. An extra wireless adapter will cost you an additional $349 as well. The SlingStudio’s three-hour battery pack is not cheap either, costing an extra $149.

With the high-pricing, it will be interesting to see if the SlingStudio becomes a hit. The network that recently unveiled Sling TV, hopes for even more revenue with its new product. If Dish can’t regain this generation of cord-cutters, it might as well join them and cater to their needs.