Drones Being Tested To Carry Freight Overseas

Drones Are Being Tested To Carry Freight

Drones, popularly known as the unmanned aerial vehicles, are taking the technology of transportation to an advanced level. Drones normally perform a variety of activities, including fighting terrorists in terror-prone areas, surveillance, research, and many others. They serve their purpose effectively because they do not require a pilot to control them when in the air. They do need a specialist though, on the ground, who operates them using computer technology.

Natilus Inc. is planning to introduce the biggest thing in the world of shipping transportation. The start-up company, based in California, USA, is working on a project that will ease the transportation of heavy luggage across the Pacific Ocean and other oceans in the world. They want to introduce large drones, which will be able to move freight across seas. These drones will be beneficial to business people and customers who transport cargo overseas frequently. They will be convenient and incredibly cheaper, compared to conventional cargo ships used today. Additionally, the drones will be fast; hence, the clients will receive their urgent orders in record time. The aspect will improve the business world and maximize profits and satisfaction to the sellers and buyers respectively.

Currently, Natilus Inc. is constructing a giant 30-foot prototype drone. It will have the capability of transporting thousands of pounds per trip across the biggest oceans in the world. They plan to launch drone transportation services across the Pacific Ocean by late 2017. Additionally, by 2019, they have another excellent project of developing an 80-foot drone. It will be on the list of the largest drones in the world. The drone will begin its operations on Los Angeles and Hawaii routes. If the company achieves their goals and objectives, they will also build a 140-foot drone. The cargo capacity of the drone will be 200,000 pounds. It will begin its operations to Chinese destinations by 2020.

The fantastic drones will be made of durable carbon fiber composites. Additionally, they will be powered by more advanced jet engines. The engines will enable them to fly efficiently in the air without encountering difficulties. The launching of the drones will take place from the water. Then, they will fly over the oceans to their destinations. At several miles from the destination port, they will land on the water and stop at the dock. At the harbor, the personnel will use the cranes to unload the cargo carried by the drones.

Although they will be slower than the piloted cargo planes, they will be able to transport larger loads. Additionally, they will take shorter periods than using the ship. According to Natilus Inc.’s statistics, a drone will take approximately 30 hours to transport 200,000 pounds of freight from the USA (Los Angeles) to China (Shanghai). It takes three weeks or more to transport the same cargo to the same distance using a ship. Therefore, drones will save time and money because of the reduced cost of fuel. Anatoly Starikov, LZ Zhang, and Aleksey Matyushev are the founders and full-time workers of the company. They hope that the Federal Aviation Administration will offer them full support in the process.

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