As ESPN continues to reformat its content, the network has announced one of its longest running programs, SportsCenter, will be premiering on Snapchat. After signing a two-year agreement with the popular social media platform, a few details regarding the pact began to emerge. Each program will air twice daily and last about 3-5 minutes.

ESPN And Snapchat

ESPN has made this move in an effort to reach a demographic that they have recently lost touch with. 18 – 25-year olds, who make up a large portion of Snapchat’s usership, are being targeted specifically in this deal. Younger ESPN talent like Katie Nolan, Jason Fitz, and Elle Duncan will be the featured on the Snapchat broadcasts. Users will have two chances to catch the new show – 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET on weekdays.



Younger ESPN Personalities Like Katie Nolan Will Be Featured On Snapchat


As for the format, ESPN says the new SportsCenter broadcasts will resemble the classic look that can be found throughout the day on the TV side. Highlight packages will be combined with news and debate regarding off-field issues. The program promises to expand its coverage beyond popular professional sports leagues in the United States. Per usual, the show hopes to be a personality-driven platform with entertainment and insight at the forefront.

ESPN’s Recent Hardships

As cord-cutters become more and more common, ESPN continues to lose revenue on the television side. The sports giant first began cutting costs back in October of 2015 when ESPN laid off 300 employees or roughly five percent of its entire staff. Last spring, the company let go of an additional 100 employees, including popular personalities like John Clayton, Ed Werder, and Trent Dilfer. Sports Illustrated was the first to report that more layoffs are expected at ESPN during the upcoming holiday season. The outlet now hopes the Snapchat pact can help it reach a younger audience that has strayed away from cable television.