On Wednesday morning, Facebook experienced a widespread power outage that impacted users throughout Europe and the United States. The social media site confirmed the outage occurred around 8:20 a.m. EST. Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, went down for a short period of time as well.

Social Media Users Impacted

The website DownDetector.com was the first to report the problems as it specializes in monitoring platforms with a large amount of traffic. The site showed the impact stretched to Greece, Poland, and the UK, in addition to the U.S. and other areas of Europe. Facebook’s brief but distressing outage was followed by Instagram going down less than three hours later. Nearly half of the users that reported issues stated that the entire website was down, while a smaller percentage merely claimed login struggles.

Facebook Power Outage

Facebook Power Outages Were Reported In Greece, Poland, And The United States

Recent Power Outage

Unfortunately for Facebook, this is not the only power outage it has experienced lately. The last widespread outage occurred just more than a month ago on August 26th. Ironically, the site went down around the same time as the latest outage – 9 a.m. EST. Just like Tuesday’s outage, social media enthusiasts were affected on Instagram as well. Many took to other platforms at the time to complain about the issues. Users were only able to see an error message that popped up on the home screen, claiming the issue would be fixed within a few minutes.

How can anyone go more than an hour without checking their news feed? Facebook is America’s biggest source of breaking information and #FakeNews. No news, no memes, no gifs – how is one supposed to start his/her morning? Lying in bed, watching every single video that comes across your feed, and tagging your friends in each amusing meme are all part of a healthy, workday morning. For a few minutes, Facebook caused hysteria. It also caused tons of users to go over to Twitter for a while. Facebook’s loss was Twitter’s gain, but only for a moment. If issues persist, an outage could soon turn into outrage.