U.S. President Donald Trump has been impeached! Donald Trump spotted playing golf with Vladimir Putin, while wearing an “I Heart Russia” t-shirt!

As Trump himself would attest to, fake news needs to be regulated. Erroneous headlines like the ones found above are seen daily by millions of Facebook users. Well, Mark Zuckerberg are company are now working diligently to make sure that is no longer the case.

Facebook recently updated its algorithm for news feeds. The move was made in an effort to lessen the number of questionable articles seen by users. The problem lies in the overwhelming presence of spammers on the social media site. Facebook aims to weaken the strength of the links these spammers share. And according to Facebook’s staff, they are only targeting spammers’ links, not photos or statuses.

Man Reading Fake News

Facebook Works To Weaken Spammers’ Links To Questionable News Articles

Fake News Fools Users

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of the Kurt Cobain seen alive on Costa Rican Beach-type articles in my life. They are easy to read, contain fun pictures, and entertain you during down time. It’s all good until you realize that Cobain is really dead, and has been dead since 1994. Contrary to what some articles will tell you, Cobain, Tupac, Elvis, and John Lennon do NOT share an underground apartment in the Cayman Islands.

Facebook’s efforts to rid itself of fake news has been ongoing for years. The platform made a proactive move back in August when it first developed an algorithm designed to de-emphasize clickbait links. But last November’s Presidential Election increased pressure on the site to create a better filtering system. The site plans to target the .01% of users that share false material on a daily basis.

Facebook is urging users to do some research before you get your hopes up. In other words, make sure to check the article’s source before jumping for joy because Justin Timberlake is moving to your hometown.