He was top-eight on your MySpace page, but number one in your heart. It has been nearly 15 years since Tom from MySpace sparked a social media revolution (that he never gets credit for, thanks a lot, Zuckerberg). And although his site’s popularity has waned for more than a decade, it appears the end is near thanks to a new security threat.

MySpace Information Hacked

Old users of the website are being urged to delete their accounts immediately. Most people that had MySpace accounts have long forgotten about them – but have yet to delete that account. The problem is most users either forgot their password/username or attached an email address that is no longer active.

That’s why hacking into someone’s old account is so easy. MySpace understands that many of its former users don’t possess the information necessary to log into their accounts. So, the creators have made old accounts easy to access. You can log into your old account by simply providing your name, username, and birthday. With a simple search of corresponding social media accounts, this information is easily obtained by hackers though. Even after ten years of inactivity, your MySpace account could cause you harm.

MySpace Users

MySpace Was Originally Launched In 2003 By Founder Tom Anderson

MySpace Aftermath

Life was a lot simpler in 2006 when you were 16, wasn’t it? Back then, your main goal on MySpace was to listen to that “groundbreaking” My Chemical Romance single. After that, you would adjust your top-eight accordingly. Why do I have Doug as my #3 friend when he only ranks me as his #5? And that girl I’ve been flirting with has downgraded me to #7. My buddy Dan has moved in front of me in her top friends – I really do have some stiff competition. We all miss those MySpace days!

Nowadays, MySpace holds the key to accessing some very personal information. Technology experts everywhere are urging former users to fire up their MySpace alter ego one last time and delete that account for good. Just try not to get sidetracked when you check out the site for the first time in ten years. Say goodbye to your emo-loving self one final time. No, do NOT customize your page with a new background. No, do not see if Yellowcard has any new albums in the works. And no, do not try to dissect that perplexing picture of MySpace Tom. Is he in a high school classroom? Is he keeled over the toilet after a long night of partying?

Shoot! I’m already sidetracked. Just go delete your account and preserve your personal info right now.