Does Kayaking Keep you Fit?

Most people think the only real workout you can get is in the gym. Well, this couldn’t be any further from the truth! There are so many ways to get a good workout in the beautiful outdoors! Kayaking is just one of many activities that you can do outside that’s actually a full body workout. Does Kayaking keep you fit? The answer is yes! Even if you hit the water for an hour kayaking, you would be getting a better workout than anything you could do in the gym. You’re using all the major muscle groups that most forget while they’re in the gym.

The Health And Fitness Benefits Of Kayaking
Kayaking Can Keep You Fit

The first area of your body that will be impacted is your back. Just think about it – you are doing single arms rows over and over again. If you did motions like this non-stop in the gym for hours, your peers would certainly be impressed with your strength and stamina. In addition to your back, you will see improvement in the power of your shoulders. The direct impact on one’s shoulders is what makes kayaking such a good workout.

So, we’ve covered the back and shoulders – now it’s time for the real beauties. Your arms and abs will get you noticed after kayaking. Biceps and triceps see heavy movement during this activity. As the biceps and triceps work, your forearms engage in their own grueling workout. As usual, your core is responsible for the majority of your workout and the results will prove that. This stems from your heavy and constricting grip on the paddle. Think of this motion as a continual and strenuous pullup in the gym.

While kayaking continues to be a spiritual journey and relieving practice, your body may see an even bigger impact. With consistent trips to the river or ocean, you may get in the best shape of your life! Mental health along with physical health is quickly putting kayaking on the map as a premier workout experience.

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