Do you ever wonder why Netflix keeps shoving ‘Sandy Wexler’ down your throat? If I just watched ‘Superbad’ why exactly would I want to binge on ’13 Reasons Why’ next? Believe it or not, Netflix does have a method to its recommendation madness. And it doesn’t simply include promoting some of its newest releases – it all has to do with your moods.

The Science Behind Recommendations

Netflix has specifically designed a system of recommendations based on your emotions. The streaming service knows that each and every user has a variety of moods ranging anywhere from ecstatic to somber. Netflix takes advantage of this by trying to showcase films and shows that will appeal to every one of your moods all within your screen. Not surprisingly, more than 80% of the Netflix shows that are viewed were found through the service’s recommendation system.

Bad Mood

Netflix Arranges Recommendations Based On A Wide Range Of User Moods

Developers want to make your streaming experience as customized as possible. The order of genre recommendations is a science in itself. You may have drama as the first category that pops up as you scroll, while others may have comedy. Netflix is just like social media sites Facebook and Instagram in a lot of ways – they know what you want to see based on your history of browsing. Once it detects a pattern, your recommendations will match your preferences.

Flix Over Chicks

Yes, you may value your friend or co-worker’s opinions on which show to binge on next. That’s fine, but Netflix wants you to know that it is here for you. And quite possibly, Netflix knows you better than some of your friends do. Netflix’s opinion matters more! Think about it – when you blew off your friends last Friday night, what did you do instead? You spent some alone time with your Netflix account. Most nights when you are “busy” it really is just you, Netflix, and a glass of wine….or maybe 2 or 3. Netflx understands you and it knows what you want to watch. So, take its advice – binging ‘Ozark’ should be in your plans this coming weekend.