Rise Of The E-Sports Industry

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E-Sports is a competition between professional gamers that play games for spectators to watch. It is a rapidly growing community, full of professionals and regular gamers that collaborate and compete, above and beyond traditional sports. The rise of the esports industry has taken spotlighted competition by storm, and it sees constant acceleration from year to year.

Since 2016, 148 million enthusiasts have tuned into esports. It’s almost a 30% growth since 2015 and in the year 2019, the expectation is 212 million will tune in to view the competitions. The finals of last year’s Legend world championship, surpassed 36 million daily views all over the world. The prize money was worth $6.3 million dollars as well. E-Sports is rising tremendously and last year it made $493 million, with expectations to hit 1.1 billion by 2019.

The boost is shocking and amazing, with 100 percent viewership growth rate. In 2000, when it all started, it was just a few competitors with a mere thousand fans. There were only 27 tournaments with only a half of million raised in prize money. Since the rise, there are over 2,000 tournaments featuring more than $35 million in prize money. Big-time sponsorships have been huge for the e-sports industry as well. Companies like Coca-Cola, Ford, and even American Express have joined forces with the business. The sponsorships are worth multi-millions today. Professional gamers have even reeled in seven-figure salaries and gained an extensive following online.

An eSports Gaming Convention
An eSports Gaming Convention

Three years ago, 32 million people tuned in on Youtube or Twitch to watch the championship of League of Legends, which was over half of the 15.5 million viewers for the NBA finals on television. Even the final series of Breaking Bad only managed 10.3 million viewers. This was pretty amazing to out beat famous television shows that had heavy viewers and an actual real traditional game, such as the NBA Finals!

The eSports industry expects to continue growing in the near future. It was even estimated that 25 million people will play Overwatch, which is huge for the entire gaming world. There are other rumors that the NBA and 2K games will be launching in esports leagues. The industry continues growth by constantly evaluating itself and its own platform, not just its competitors. The teamwork involved in the games, is one of the reason it’s in the spotlight. The teamwork and the competition are working very well together and putting esports on the map for good.

E-Sports will continue to rise and become better, by taking video gaming by storm. Developers will be taking the tournaments to the next level, as they continue towards building new ideas and making it more unique than what it already is. The esports industry will grow in games, people, prizes, and money. Will the industry eventually challenge live-action sports? That is yet to be seen, but judging by the high viewership and prize money, it appears it will only be a matter of time before eSports becomes a top platform across the world.

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