This week is the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where industry giants show off their new toys and start-ups flaunt their most prized creations. Sony, one of the most influential tech companies in the world, was there to display some of their latest projects. When it was time to show off its newest canine creation, things didn’t go as planned for Sony’s President and CEO Kazuo Hirai. The product is called Aibo, and it is an artificial intelligence robo-dog. When it was initially brought onto stage, Hirai joked that it was “a little nervous.” Apparently, he was right, because when he tried to communicate with the robotic pet, it did not respond, creating quite an embarrassing moment in front of thousands of people.

Part of the Family

“Because of Aibo’s artificial intelligence and image sensing technology, over time, Aibo will actually recognize you and actually deepen its emotional bond with each and every one of its owners,” Hirai mentioned during his speech about Aibo. He went on to explain that Aibo is connected to the cloud and your wireless network to accumulate and store data, which in turn, it uses to create a meaningful bond with its owner. In other words, if you are getting sick and tired of your real, live pet, now you can order a robotic one that actually understands you. Seems legit.

More New Sony Products

In addition to Aibo, Sony teased a new smartphone that’s goal is to capture the best selfies in the industry. Even I feel ridiculous typing that sentence, but it’s true. Selfies matter. Nevertheless, the new smartphone will incorporate an 8k display featuring an X1 Ultimate picture processor and Sony’s new wireless noise-cancelling earbuds. Hirai also showed off the company’s new lineup of OLED Bravia televisions including the 4K HDR X-1 extreme picture processor. The TV’s will also feature acoustic surface technology for the best sound quality in the industry.