We all know that dogs LOVE music. Whether they tilt their ears in curiosity, pace back and forth while whining, or bark loudly until it stops – dogs certainly have unique ways of expressing their love of music. Spotify knows how special music is to dogs, so they launched a new service, Adoptify, designed to pair dogs with potential owners based on similar music tastes.

The Adoptify Service

The agency Serviceplan first created the Adoptify template. Serviceplan is a website that showcases dogs that are up for adoption in the city of Munich. The details listed under the dogs up for adoption included musical tastes. Videos of the dogs listening to their “favorite music” can be found on the site as well. Will enough people looking for dogs use this service to prove this is a successful method of showcasing animals?


Spotify And Serviceplan Hope To Pair Pets With Their Potential Owners

At the very least, this is an innovate way to bring attention to the pet adoption industry. Too many cats and dogs go unclaimed at shelters like this one in Germany. Of course, reeling in a powerful company such as Spotify will certainly help Serviceplan’s reach as well. Think of this idea as a Match.com for adoptable pets. The one thing you don’t know about a dog before you adopt is its personality. What Adoptify does is provide a look into the dog’s likes and dislikes.

Will Adoptify Work?

There are certainly high hopes for this service, but many will wonder if it will actually work. Judging by the looks on some of their faces, dogs find music annoying more than anything (like, enjoyable). Music and television are simply background noise – stuff used to help fall asleep. But, some dogs may really like music; as long as it doesn’t interrupt their daily 19-hour naps of course. So, between belly rubs and back scratches, you and your dog can finally enjoy those epic Beatles versus Rolling Stones debates.