Different Types Of Train Tables One Can Buy

Train tables are nothing new, but seem to be making a comeback recently. We’ve all played with them at some point either owning one, or seeing an older version of one at grandma’s house. Train tables are great for keeping children of all ages entertained for hours. Also, playing with toy trains is a much better option than having our children sit in front of the television or stare aimlessly into the video game they’re playing. Let’s review the different types of train tables one can buy:

All Different Ways You Can Use A Train Table
Different Types Of Train Tables For Your Child

Drawing Table

These types of tables are very popular in waiting rooms. Children and parents can definitely agree on this specific option because of the mental stimulation that a drawing table can generate. These types of tables offer many options. They serve as a full-service craft shop, offering drawing activities as well as action figure play. The possibilities are endless with a drawing table.

Sand Table

This table is exactly what you expect – essentially serving as a portable, indoor sandbox. The biggest benefit for parents is the extensive time your child will spend playing at this table. There are ways to limit possible messes that result from playing in this area. Make sure to buy clean sand at the store and set this table up in a room that is easy to tidy up.

Bead Table

These “rollercoaster” style table continue to be popular with the younger generation. As mentioned before, if you are looking for a time-consuming activity with your child, look no further than the bead table. This table has been around for ages, but continues to evolve and improve. Nowadays, these tables come with extra loops for your child to enjoy! The Anatex Jungle Rollercoaster table remains a top name on the market.

Instead of getting your child an ipad or video game console, train tables are still a worthy investment. Any of these three types of tables can be enjoyed by the youngest generation looking for fun!

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