2018 is set to be an incredible year for technology. Advancements in virtual reality and artificial intelligence are expected to lead another generation into the future. These next few products will likely blast the public back into the past though. From a privacy-invading pair of glasses to a flammable scooter, here’s a look at some of the worst technology products of the new millennium.

Hoverboards (2015)

These boards exploded onto the scene just three years ago, literally. In 2015, hoverboards were all the rage. They were certainly fun to try out on the sidewalk or at home – until they blew up into flames. After an alarming amount of hoverboard explosions went viral, ecommerce sites began to crack down on the product, pushing for more safety regulations. The safety essentially took the fun out of this product and ended its run as a must-have gadget.


Hoverboards Were All The Rage In 2015, But They Flamed Out Quickly

Eyetop Wearable DVD Player (2004)

How did this product ever make it beyond executives and onto store shelves? This is a description of how the DVD player works (try not to laugh): you wear a pair of really heavy and obnoxious glasses that contains a tiny monitor used to view a movie. The actual DVD is then conveniently (sarcasm) tossed in an over-the-shoulder sling pack. Incredible that this movie-viewing revolution didn’t catch fire, isn’t it?

Google Glass (2013)

Google’s smart glasses were just not smart enough back in 2013. The idea was very futuristic – an optical eye display designed to look like a pair of glasses. Privacy violation concerns erupted almost immediately, as consumers complained about the product recording their every move. Doctors then raised concerns about the glasses causing eye pain. Glass was supposed to be a computer right in front of your eyes, but slow sales caused the company to stop producing the product just two years after its release.