We’ve all been there – you hit up a hottie on Tinder, casually talk with that person on and off, then instantly fall in love with them when you finally meet three years later, right? WRONG! That never seems to be the case, but this week the impossible happened thanks to a couple in Ohio.

Tinderella Meets Prince DMing

The story of Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, both students at Kent State University, quickly went viral. Starting in 2014, the teens both swiped right and began an odd chain of communication. What ensued was a series of gags or inside jokes between the two. One would reach out to talk, while the other waited months to respond. And that response was generally a sarcastic excuse for not getting back to the other right away.

Excuses included not having a fully charged phone for two months, and cramming for finals each second of the past four months. The conversation continued for nearly three years with the two never actually meeting each other. And after their story caused a stir on social media, they ended up face to face on Good Morning America.

Tinder Conversation

Josh Avsec And Michelle Arendas Finally Met Each Other After Years Of Messaging

The Little Glass Swiper

The two finally met each other and were even rewarded with a vacation to Hawaii. So, they were afraid to meet each other for three years, but they are heading to an island all by themselves – do I have that right? What should we put the over/under at for actual words said to each other – maybe five? Only time will tell if the two’s sense of humor stretches into real-life situations.

It’s also pretty obvious to me that neither person quite understands Tinder’s purpose. Tinder was designed for instant gratification, not eventual disappointment. But at least the unlikely fairytale that is Josh and Michelle has taught us that Tinder is more than just a breeding ground for lustful monsters.

Of course, Michelle only proved that women will always make men wait – even if they are using a service specifically engineered for the needy and impatient.