Since Myspace was founded in 2003, social media has completely taken over American society. Now, there are social media stars that make millions of dollars by simply posting funny or motivational videos or messages online for others to observe. It started with Myspace, then YouTube, then Facebook. Now, there is a social media app for anything you can think of. One thing is for sure, social media is here to stay. Here are the five most popular social media sites in the world.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and launched in 2003, but it has really taken off in the last decade or so. It is essentially the business form of Facebook. If you are a professional in almost any industry or field, LinkedIn is where you want to be to network. As of April 2017, LinkedIn had 500 million members spanning across 200 countries worldwide.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a relatively new social media site that was launched in 2010. CEO Ben Silbermann describes the company as a “catalogue of ideas” that allows you to discover things on the Internet. It is essentially a collection of images, GIFs, and videos that members can explore and share with one another all on one unique platform. Although plenty of men use the site, most members are female.


Facebook Tops The List Of Most Popular Social Media Sites

3. Twitter

Twitter was beginning to fall off, as other social media sites began to take over the web. That is, until Donald Trump announced that he was running for President. Now, everyone continues to tune in to see what Trump will tweet next. In 2013, Twitter was among the ten most-visited websites on the Internet, and as of 2016, Twitter had 319 million monthly active users.

2. Instagram

Instagram may be the most popular of the “new” social media sites. It was founded in 2010 and purchased by Facebook in March 2012. Instagram is essentially an image-sharing app that takes advantage of the societal movement toward digital media. As of September 2017, Instagram has about 800 million members.

1. Facebook

This one is quite obvious. Facebook took the world by storm almost as soon as it was launched in 2004 by then-Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. Now, it is the most used social media site in the world, and it’s really not even close. Currently, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly users, which is approximately 25% of the world’s population.