Everyone probably knows someone that has lost a pet at some point in their lifetime. Apparently, household pets run away quite often. Now-a-days, kids of all ages are getting cell phones for any number of reasons; however, the most common being the parents’ ability to know where their child is at all times. Parental controls can limit children from accessing the full capabilities of the phone, allowing them to make and receive phone calls, while internally tracking the phone’s GPS location. Now, a similar service has become available for pet owners… minus the phone calls unfortunately. Yes, you can now track your pet in real time with GPS.


Know Where Your Pet Is At All Times With GPS

GPS For Pets

Pet owners that are still utilizing simple collars to ensure that their dog or cat is going to be found and returned if it were to run away need to get with the times. There is no need to hang up missing posters with a terrible sketch of your pooch Spike, because there is now a GPS tracking service that can alert you when your pet has ventured beyond a specific virtual fence area. In fact, there are three GPS options for pet owners. The first is called Paby, and the device costs $80, while the service costs $4.99. The second option for pet owners is called The Whistle. This device also calls $80, but the service costs uses $6.95 per month. Finally, the most expensive service is Pawtracker. It costs $99 to purchase the GPS device and $9.95 per month to run the service.

How It Works

For those of you that have already microchipped your pets, you should still consider one of these services because you can track it yourself, as opposed to needing someone to find your pet, locate the chip and track down the owner. The GPS device simply attaches to your pet’s collar. If he or she ventures past the afore-mentioned virtual fence, it will send you an alert. At that time, you can track your pet to see where they might be headed. In order for the service to work, your pet must be within cell phone range. Unfortunately, none of the options include an unlimited battery. Paby and The Whistle must be charged every three days, while Pawtracker can last up to ten days without needing to charge it.