Well, Twitter is back at it again. The short-form social media platform is steering even further away from the feature that made it a hit in the mid-2000s. When Twitter was falling behind Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Donald Trump decided to run for President. Twitter then became the place where everyone went to see what stupid thing Trump tweeted about this time. As its popularity began to rise again, Twitter decided to increase its character count from 140 to 280, most likely so that Trump wouldn’t struggle posting his rants online. Now, the baby blue birds have released a new feature called “threads” that will allow users to type out their rants, or tweetstorms, all at once and post them together without having to deal with the pesky character count.

How It Works

Threads are actually really simple to use. Once you begin typing a tweet, you can locate the plus (+) symbol on the composer screen to extend your tweet beyond the allotted 280 characters. At that point, each line represents one tweet. You are still able to attach any and all forms of media to any individual tweet in the thread. Once one tweet is completed, you can continue your tweetstorm by simply tapping on the space below to begin your next 280 characters. You can go back and edit any parts of your thread while it is in draft form, and when your entire message is complete, just tap “tweet all” to post it to Twitter. You can also update your threads after they are already posted by clicking “add another tweet,” which allows you to continue a story well after it was originally posted. Currently, Twitter has a limit of 25 tweets per thread.


Read Trump’s Twitter Rants More Efficiently With Threads

What It Means

For those of you who converted from avid Facebook users to Twitter followers in order to avoid the long, cluttered posts that constantly littered your timeline, I’m sorry to inform you that there is no way to avoid it anymore. The new threads feature will enable users to turn what was a cut-to-the-chase summary of whatever it was they were talking about into a book about all of life’s problems. Although Twitter is adamant about addressing their new issue of hindering users’ ability to quickly scan through posts, it is obvious that these thread posts will create a whole lot of clutter on social media’s most efficient platform. It remains to be seen whether this will help or hurt Twitter in the long run. One thing is for sure, President Trump is going to have a field day with these new threads… which only means more Twitter wars with the NFL and LaVar Ball. Yay for social media.