Finally, U.S. President Donald Trump can tell us how he really feels. America’s most outspoken political figure can rejoice after his favorite social media platform made a major change earlier this week. Twitter has doubled its limit on individual tweets from 140 to 280 total characters.

Twitter Targets Social Awareness

The site pointed to a few reasons for its groundbreaking move. With the political and social upheaval surrounding many countries, the site wants users to be able to express themselves fully. The extended character limit will give individuals a better platform to share their insights and opinions. Twitter was quick to point out that many foreign languages make it difficult to compact thoughts into 140 characters.

In an extensive study, it was found that nearly 10% of all posted tweets are exactly 140 characters, the former limit. The conclusion here was that the majority of these tweets did not hit 140 characters by coincidence; most users have to go back and edit their tweets to get it all out in one post. This problem will likely fall by the wayside with the new 280-character structure.


Twitter Is Experimenting With A New Extended 280-Character Limit

Like all alterations, Twitter’s move comes with controversy. Many users have already complained about the character extension. The limited posts were the reason why Twitter was able to separate itself from Facebook. Many individuals come to Twitter to get away from the long, preaching posts that they are frequently exposed to on their Facebook newsfeed. Will this concern dissipate over time or will the noise only become louder?

Trump Can (Finally) Unleash His NFL Hot Takes

Trump has made headlines lately as he takes on the NFL and players refusing to stand for the national anthem. Maybe now the President can include his in-game thoughts as well. Don’t be surprised when he tweets something to the extent of ‘can’t believe Bruce Arians threw the challenge flag when the ball was clearly dropped – you’re fired!’ Or, ‘drafted Le’Veon Bell second overall in fantasy and he has one total touchdown on the season – you’re fired!’ Whether you are a President or not, Twitter’s change has the potential to positively impact the social media community.